Tariffs and packages

Dear entrepreneurs and farmers!

Any local and foreign agricultural company, farmer, and entrepreneur can place their agricultural products and foodstuffs on our Electronic Trading Platform by choosing one of the 2 cooperation packages offered by us


What does that require?

Call or write to us;

- Sign a ready-made cooperation agreement (offline or online);

- Pay for our services (depending on the selected package).


You also need to send us the following materials and documents:

- High-quality photos of your products (size 500 x 500);

- Price list of wholesale and recommended retail prices;

- If necessary, a table of discounts depending on the volume of sales;

- Description of the product, technical parameters, information on other properties of the product;

- If necessary, video materials and electronic catalogs;

- Your terms of payment and delivery;

- Copies of certificates of quality and country of origin, other necessary certificates;

- Information about the company and copies of the certificate of registration with the tax authorities;

- Keywords on the subject and products of the company;

- Any other information upon request from our side and the request of the buyer.


Note: If your company has a corporate website with a catalog of goods or an online store, then we can take some of the information from these resources (photo, description).




    In this package we offer 3 price offers:

    1. We place your agricultural products and foodstuffs at a wholesale price, and we sell them at your recommended retail price. The difference between the wholesale and retail price is our income and is distributed between us and our electronic sales agents, whom we engage for active sales.

    2. We place and sell your agricultural products and foodstuffs at the retail price you specify. You, upon the sale, pay us a pre-agreed commission.

    3.We place and sell your agricultural products and food products only at the wholesale price specified by you. On the fact of the sale, you pay us a pre-agreed commission.

    No monthly or yearly fees.

    A number of products - unlimited.

    The cost of placing one product on the platform per year is - 5 USD \ 5 EURO.

    Special offer: up to 30 products are placed - FREE OF CHARGE.

    Information and contacts of the supplier are not indicated on the product card. Information about the order comes to us, and we pass it on to you for execution.

    Entrepreneurs, farmers, and agricultural companies can post a link to our platform on social networks and the media, where their products are posted    



    We place and sell your agricultural products and food products at your specified price (wholesale or retail).

    Your contacts will be placed on the product card. Buyers will contact you directly or through us.




    This package offers several tariffs:


    For individual entrepreneurs  -  MONTHLY RATE наименований– 30 USD \ 30 EURO.

    A number of items placed -  50-60 titles. Payment - quarterly, half a year, for a year - by choice.


    - For micro and small companies  -  MONTHLY RATE – 50 USD \ 50 EURO.

    A number of items placed -   60-100 titles. Payment - quarterly, half a year, for a year - by choice.


    For medium-sized companies  -  MONTHLY RATE –100 USD \ 100 EURO.

    A number of items placed100-200 titles. Payment -  quarterly, half a year, for a year - by choice.


    For large companies and holdings -  MONTHLY RATE –200 USD \ 200 EURO.

    A number of items placed - 200-300 titles. Payment - for a year.


    Entrepreneurs, farmers, and agricultural companies can post a link to our platform on social networks and the media, where their products are posted.


    The advantage of this package: 

    In the first year of cooperation with our platform, the "SUBSCRIBER" package is the most recommended, since it has many advantages:

    1) This is a free listing of all your products;

    2) The ability to test our platform, and then, depending on the test result, leave or change the package to another;

    3) This is an opportunity to get a discount when paying annually, and sponsor companies to get from 1 to 3 years the opportunity to use the platform for free;

    4) You get the opportunity to get in direct contact with the buyer and continue to work with him constantly without our mediation, unlike other packages;

    5) If desired, instead of a specific product price, the "Price on request" can be indicated, which may also be of interest to some sellers who, for one reason or another, do not want to set their prices, but are ready to discuss them with a potential buyer;

    6) Faster negotiations directly without the participation of intermediaries. Eliminates the loss of time, slowness, and inaccuracies (misunderstandings) in the negotiation process;

    7) Lack of commission for intermediaries (platform or intermediary firm) and the absence of intermediaries themselves, which makes your price more profitable and low for buyers;


    Additional free services for those who chose the 200 USD tariff and paid for a full year:

    1) Periodic posting of information about your company and products on social networks;

    2) Sending the electronic catalogs provided by you to 200 local companies, potential customers of your products;

    3) Search for a potential buyer, partner, and dealer in the Azerbaijani market. Providing a list of companies that can be your potential buyers;

    4) Opportunity to become your online business representative in Azerbaijan;

    5) Providing information on tenders held in Azerbaijan, where products manufactured by your company are purchased.

    Note: As you can see, these rates do not even amount to 30% of the monthly salary of the lowest-paid employee. For this amount, we simultaneously carry out part of the work of your marketing department or online sales department as "your online business representative" in the territory of Azerbaijan and Worldwide. 

    Special offer: If paid for the year, the countdown starts from the date of the first wholesale. For example, you entered into a contract in January 2021, but your first wholesale was in March 2021. In this case, you use the platform until April 2021 and pay for the 2nd year in April.