How we are working?

B2BAGRO.NET – This is the Unified Electronic Agrarian Trade Platform, created for entrepreneurs and companies from Azerbaijan and worldwide. At the moment, the site operates in three languages ​​- Russian, Azerbaijani, and English.

Our platform was created to support import and export operations between foreign countries, support local entrepreneurs and companies, search for potential buyers and worldwide.

Why is it profitable to sell on our platform?

The cost of creating your own online store costs companies and entrepreneurs from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. Monthly maintenance costs (payment of employees, hiring specialists, technical support, office rent, etc.) and promotion of an online store can range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 or more. 

The cost of placing and selling goods on our platform ranges from $ 30 to $ 200 per month (depending on the company and the number of goods placed). In addition, we help to sell goods not only in the domestic but also in the international market.

Post your products any company or entrepreneur from foreign countries can use the trading platform. To do this, you must familiarize yourself with and accept our terms of cooperation, conclude an agreement with us for the provision of e-commerce services. The contract can be concluded both offline and online.


How to post your products on the platform?

After the conclusion of the contract,

the seller sends us the necessary and required materials:

- High-quality photos of goods (size 500 x 500);

- Price list of wholesale and recommended retail prices;

- Table of discounts depending on the volume of sales;

- Description, parameters, information on other properties of the product;

- If necessary, video materials and electronic catalogs;

- Terms of payment and delivery;

- Copies of quality certificates, other certificates;

- Information about the company, copies of certificates of registration and accounting;

- Keywords on the subject and products of the company;

- Any other information at the request of the buyer or administration

Note: If your company has a corporate website with a catalog of goods or an online store, then we can take some of the information from these resources (photo, description).


How to sell?

A company or entrepreneur can post their products:

a) at the wholesale price;

b) at the retail price;

c) at the wholesale and recommended retail price;

d) without price indication - "Price on request".

In each case, when concluding a contract with the seller, the size of the commission for our services is negotiated. The exception is the "SUBSCRIBER" package, where the seller pays a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual rate as described on the page «Tariffs and Packages».

Although the platform is designed for B2B sales, sellers can also post recommended retail prices here to monitor their sales and provide attractive retail prices for small buyers and consumers (as well as for testing consumer prices).


How is the sales process going?

According to the "SUBSCRIBER" package, the product description contains the contact information of the seller or manufacturer of the product. The buyer directly contacts the seller by email, Whatsapp, or phone to discuss the terms of purchase and other issues. If the parties come to an agreement, then they sign a supply agreement, where they indicate in detail all the points of the transaction (delivery terms, prices, and payment terms, product warranty, and return of goods). The platform's management is not a party to such transactions and is not responsible for violations of the terms of the transaction by the parties.

When choosing other packages, the contact details of the seller or the manufacturer of the products are not indicated and are not provided to the buyer (except in some cases). A request for the purchase of a particular product goes directly to the management of the platform, which sends this request to the seller. After completion of 2 or 3-party negotiations between the parties to the transaction, a contract for the supply of products is concluded.

The platform management is not a party to the supply agreement but performs a purely intermediary (receives a commission on sales, or a fixed amount from a transaction) and an auxiliary role (for example, assistance in organizing trade lending, certification, legal and financial consulting, the role of a guarantor or surety) ...

For this, one of the parties may sign an agreement on the provision of certain services.


Advertising services

Our platform also provides its suppliers with services for placing their advertisements (advertising banners) on the main page of the platform.

Advertising banners with a link to the main site or a page within the platform can be placed:

1) On slides on the home page;

2) On the link ad unit;

3) On the pop-up window.

Free advertising for sponsor companies is possible. A sponsor company is a company that chooses the "SUBSCRIBER" package and pays for our services for 3-5 years or more at once.

You can familiarize yourself with the tariffs for advertising services on the page "Advertising on the platform".