Dear colleagues and partners, entrepreneurs, and managers!

Our platform is interested in cooperation with the below-listed organizations and companies, managers, and employees.


Chambers of Commerce and Export Support Centers:

Our company is interested in active cooperation with Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Entrepreneurship Development Centers, Export Support Centers.

To support your activities and expand the export of companies from your countries to Azerbaijan and Worldwide, we invite you to comprehensive cooperation and partnership.

We are ready to place the products of companies from foreign countries at your request on our platform on mutually beneficial terms and in accordance with the requirements specified on the page "Tariffs and packages".


Manufacturing and trading companies in foreign countries:

Foreign agricultural companies and exporters interested in exporting their products can also contact us and place their products on our agricultural platform. This will allow you to constantly keep your agricultural products in the spotlight of potential buyers and attract new customers.

Note: Your potential buyer at the moment may not need your products. As practice shows, in the future, as production expands, new production lines are opened or old equipment is replaced with new ones, they will definitely first of all look for equipment and technology from us - on a single national and international electronic B2B agricultural platform. There is more trust in us, we have less competition and intermediaries. And we sell at your prices.


Manufacturing and trading companies in Azerbaijan:

The first international electronic agricultural platform in Azerbaijan offers its support and assistance to national manufacturing and trading agricultural companies, local exporters and importers in the promotion and online sale of their agricultural products and food products both in Azerbaijan and Worldwide.


Special offer of cooperation for executives and managers of marketing and sales departments, import and export departments, procurement and supply departments of local and foreign agricultural companies and distributors of food products.

For detailed information on cooperation, write to us