Investors, donors and sponsors

Dear investors, donors, and sponsors!

To support and expand our services to companies and entrepreneurs, create new online platforms, implement innovative projects and enter international markets, we constantly require financial investments and sponsorship. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership.

Offer to potential investors

Our project - one of the first national agrarian start-up projects in the field of e-commerce. We are distinguished by an original business model, organizational base, and a high desire and desire to enter the world markets. All this requires considerable financial and investment investments. We are looking for and waiting for serious investors with great financial capabilities and the desire to become a member of our team.

We invite international donors to cooperate

Our agriculture platform interested in cooperation with an international financial, donor, and humanitarian organizations whose activities are related to the development of the digital economy and the agricultural sector, support for entrepreneurs, farmers, and local agricultural producers.

We also hope for the organizational and financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture and its structures, the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Business and its regional offices, the Innovation Agency, and the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of Azerbaijan

Offers for sponsors and advertisers
We strive for mutually beneficial cooperation with large companies and holdings, whose sponsorship in exchange for our services would give a powerful impetus to the development and expansion of our platform. To this end, we have prepared a number of mutually beneficial offers to potential sponsors.